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Enhance your Team’s Customer Service and English skills with our AI Guest Simulator

Experience a new level of language learning and customer service training designed for the Hospitality Industry.

Why Us

We believe in human interactions!

Airlingo's Team

How It Works

How it Works?

 Our AI has been trained with the best standards in the industry to train FOH professionals for excellent customer service.


For Companies:

  • Improve the language skills of your employees.

  • Train your employees with the best standards from the industry.

  • Get insights from customer service.

  • Track employee progress.

  • Improve the customer experience.

  • Accepted for FUNDAE*.

For Professionals:

  • Learn how to deal with any kind of customer.

  • Master the best standards from the industry.

  • Enjoy a different way of teaching.

  • Improve English through interactions.

  • Practice at any time anywhere.

  • Track performance.

  • Be prepared for new professional challenges.

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Apply for early access, and become a member of the exclusive group of people that is using the power of AI to enhance their customer service.

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